I am a Registered Architect and a member of the National
Council of Architectural Registration Boards.  I graduated from the University of Virginia in 1970 and now reside on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

     I founded Parham Architect in 1983 in New Jersey, offering architectural services emphasizing Historic restoration and preservation in both residential and commercial projects,
adaptive reuse, period and contemporary buildings and additions.  

      I prefer to work directly with clients and have kept my firm small to provide that personal service.  Projects are approached on their own merits and clients' wish lists are converted to good architecture.

     With more than 40 years in the business, my experience ranges
from high rise office buildings and amusement park fantasy buildings
to multi-use urban centers and laboratory facilities, as well as multi-family residential and master planning for housing and office parks.

     Now concentrating on the human side of the business, I provide expertise where appropriate, aiding nonprofits, residents and businesses, as well as promoting the use of architects in general.  To a potential client, the use of an architect often seems a needless expense in the expensive process of building, however, a building's life is often long and it is important to try and make that building as good as it can be.

    Using an architect, myself or otherwise, is good for the environment, both visually and physically.  A well designed building may cost little or no more than the all-too-common roadside eyesore.  My continuing work on the Virginia's Eastern Shore offers a meaningful and important impact on a beautiful area.  Architecture allows me to produce work of purpose, which I, in return, see not as work but as a pleasure.